Fun minus the drama...

As I am sure that you saw, I stole my FIT4MOM team away for the weekend. I rented a cabin in Suncadia and we left our kids and husbands behind and drove over the hills and into the snow! This is our first of many staff getaways. I truly believe that investing in your team is the BEST thing you can do for your business!

Anyways, I planned and coordinated the whole weekend away. We carpooled over, planned meals and a dinner out, went sledding and hung out together all weekend. 13 women in one cabin. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a huge kitchen table, so many couches and one hot tub.

Some of us were friends before finding FIT4MOM. Some of us found FIT4MOM together as clients. Some of us didn't know what to do after having kids and FIT4MOM became the answer! So as much as it was like a girlfriends weekend away, it really wasn't. It was the gathering of 13 different woman, all coming together for one purpose. FIT4MOM Redmond/Kirkland/Woodinville. To share ideas on how to make it better, fun and more of a one-stop shop for all family fun.

I found myself throughout the weekend looking around the cabin and smiling. Watching the ladies laugh together, doing shots together (oh so many shots!) and having a great time. You know what wasn't there this weekend? Drama. Not a single bit. Do you know how rare that is? No drama in a cabin full of 13 women! It is unheard of!

But here is why. Being drama-free and no judgement zone is what I fight for. There are so many moms groups that will let you know just how they feel about you feeding your kids formula or sleeping with your kids in your bed. You know what? My kids didn't nurse. It was formula or they didn't eat. And you know what? I feel totally fine in making that decision. You know why? Because my kids are alive, thriving and it was the right call for my family. Why should anyone else have anything to say about it?

We went away for the weekend and all came together. We had a great time. No drama. This is what FIT4MOM is all about. You won't find the cattiness that comes with so many other women's groups. We don't want the drama, we don't tolerate the drama. Please join us! We are a group that will love you for who you are, support your decisions and be right beside as we navigate motherhood! You are ALWAYS welcome to FIT4MOM. Completely drama free...

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