Simple firework craft for kids

Kids Korner - 4th of July Firework Craft!

4th of July Firework Craft!

All you need for this patriotic craft is a little paint and some things you have laying around the house. It is easy to set up and your kids will be busy painting away giving you a few minutes to finish your coffee or get something prepped for your 4th of July BBQ!


  • Paint – red, white & blue (we used yellow too)
  • Paper – we used white card stock, and darker paper to show the night sky
  • Toilet paper rolls - you will need one for each color paint
  • Paper plates for the paint
  • Scissors


  • Cut strips in each toilet paper roll – the strips should be 1-3” in length, the longer the cut, the bigger the firework.

  • Pour each paint color on its own plate and place one roll on each plate.

  • That’s it! Let the kids paint away dipping the tubes into the paint and stamping them onto their paper to create their very own firework display!

  • Don’t forget to hand them a pack of wipes and have them clean up the mess! That should keep them busy for a least a few more minutes!

Have a safe and happy 4th of July!

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  • Simple firework craft for kids
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