Meet Kelli - Our New Guest Blogger!

Introducing Kelli Preston! She recently dove into Body Back and started her first session with us and is also going to be a FIT4MOM guest blogger! Welcome Kelli!

First – Meet Me:

"Well, Hi! I’m Kelli. These days I am a mama to a 2 year-old-fella and a wife to my college boyfriend’s best friend. True story. When I’m not doing motherhood, cleaning the counters, loitering through Whole Foods or scrolling through instagram, I write copy and design websites and logos for entrepreneurs in the world of wellness over at Gingermint Creative (my latest business baby). As a former food blogger, health coach, aesthetician and weight watchers success story/survivor, I have a strong affection for the world of wellness. My heart still beats for kale, cookies, treadmills, and the latest skin care trend, so I still write about such things to stroke my soul."

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