Natalie's Fit4Baby Journey - My First Workout

The FIT4MOM Redmond/Kirkland/Woodinville Fit4Baby class is held at the Redmond Town Center studio at 7pm. The time presented a challenge in getting my child and myself fed, and getting out the door on time for class. Knowing I couldn’t make until after class to eat dinner, I ate the early bird special with my son at 5:30. My husband walked in the door at 6:30, I said hi, and took off. I loved meeting the other pregnant moms, most of whom live in my area, and the fast-paced class. I was surprised that I was one of the farthest along in my pregnancy; I guess I should have started this earlier!

The workout was similar to Stroller Strides, with fast-moving cardio and strength intervals, but I wasn’t constantly interrupted by crying about a shoe/demands for snacks/other toddler emergencies. The format changes each class, and the instructor rotates as well. Tonight we had an outdoor traveling class so we could enjoy the gorgeous weather. I loved seeing all the modifications each mom did to accommodate their body, and appreciated the relaxing cool down to wind down my evening. I came home, showered, and went to bed satisfied knowing I accomplished more than my normal “binge watch Orange is the New Black” evening routine. Can’t wait to see what next week brings!

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