Natalie's Fit4Baby Journey – Staying Fit Throughout Pregnancy

Hi, I’m Natalie. I’ve been attending Stroller Strides with my nearly two-year old son since he was about seven months old. I’m currently 26 weeks (aka 6.5 months) pregnant with my second child, a little girl, and I’ve added Fit4Baby prenatal exercise classes to my routine. I’m looking forward to sharing my experience!

Why Fit4Baby?

I have been very lucky with both of my pregnancies, feeling relatively energetic and healthy throughout. I had a very simple labor, delivery, and recovery with my first, and was back to my regular fitness routine as soon as I was cleared by my doctor. I attribute this luck to taking care of my body through regular exercise and a (mostly!) healthy diet. However, having a toddler and facing the daily challenges of pregnancy once again have proven challenging, and I can feel the physical toll it is taking on my body. Admittedly, I’m not keeping up with my normal level of exertion, and it can be hard to have a disciplined diet when you’re hungry all.the.time. and usually accompanied by someone who constantly begs for a snack.

By adding twice weekly Fit4Baby classes to my routine, I hope to regain some energy and maintain a strong fitness baseline through delivery. No matter how tired I am, exercising usually makes me feel better. Knowing that I’ll have muscle memory in place after birth relieves some of my postpartum weight loss fears. In addition, I need the time alone. I usually work out with my toddler at Stroller Strides or jogging with my stroller (ok, fine, it’s just speed walking at this point), and we all know the days of parenting can be long and trying. Taking some time to focus on myself and this new baby twice a week is refreshing!

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