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Supporting a Loved One with Cancer

Growing up, my mom was my best friend and gave me love and support in every phase of my life. The person I am today is in large part thanks to her. My mom has never asked me for anything in return for everything she does for me and our entire family. She is the strength and the rock of our family and one of the strongest people I know. After having kids, my mom and I grew even closer as she was there to help me when I needed it and share in all the fun mommy moments!

I found out my mom has been diagnosed with breast cancer on my daughter Mya’s 1st birthday, and I was absolutely terrified. I knew nothing about cancer except that it was this horrible, unfair thing. After my initial complete breakdown, I had two thoughts.

1. I know my mom will be just fine, she is the strongest person I know and she will kick cancer's butt.

2. It's finally time for me to provide the same support for her that she has always provided to me.

Although there was nothing I could do to take the cancer away, I quickly learned that the best thing I could do is just be there for her.

The best ways to support a loved one going through cancer is being there for them physically and emotionally: helping with everyday actions that might now present a challenge, lending an ear for them to vent, and providing a shoulder to cry on. Most important, always be present for them with a very POSITIVE attitude. I truly believe the reason my mom is cancer free is because of her positive, kick butt, strong attitude and the support of her family and friends.

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