What to pack in your hospital bag...

As a first time mom, so much of pregnancy was overwhelming. I was growing out of clothes, growing a person and growing more anxious about becoming a mom! Even though my pregnancy started on the East Coast and away from family, around the five month mark, we packed up and moved from Washington, DC back to Seattle, WA.

Back in Seattle I had the greatest resource I could have ever been given... My sister. My sister is six years older then me and about six inches shorter than me. I grew up looking up to her for everything and eventually towered over her still needing her wisdom. When I was pregnant with Roman (now 4.5) she had already had two little ladies (love you Hayden and Stella!). Some pregnant moms buy books or read blogs to prepare themselves for motherhood. I kept my sister on speed dial. Anything and everything I needed, she had the answer for.

She told me what to register for, what was a complete gimmick and what I couldn't live without. What I bought to the hospital for Roman's arrival was no exception. My midwives sent me home with a "what to pack list". SO MANY great ideas, but I would have needed an entourage just to get everything into my hospital room! Jodi told me what I would need, what I could leave behind and what I couldn't live without... Turns out, she was right!

With Roman's labor I brought an iPod and stereo with "labor playlists". Ha! Turns out the only thing that kept me calm was watching CSPAN. Odd you might think, and you are right. In Washington, DC I worked for the United States Congress. So watching the House of Representatives Floor proceedings and Members of Congress taking their turns speaking about bills, was what I needed. I explained to those in the delivery room what was happening, who the Members were and what state they represented and what they were voting on... It was oddly calming. My labor and delivery nurse did mention that it was the first time that she had anyone labor watching CSPAN. With Crew (now 2) my sister came to the rescue with Jim Gaffigan YouTube videos... My second labor was a bit more lighthearted.

Not everyone has someone in their life that has blazed the labor and delivery trail before them. That is where Best Ever Baby comes in! Best Ever Baby has put together fabulous bags perfect for the new mama in your life. Every quarter, about 25,000 of these kits are given out across the country to expecting mamas by their birthing centers and their hospitals. The kits are packed with products from all natural companies to make those first few days with your baby a bit easier. Yogi lacation tea, Motherlove personal care items, and even a chlorine free diaper. The best part? A FREE WEEK of FIT4MOM classes! I may be biased but that is the BEST gift you could give a new mom!

Even better, you can head to Best Ever Baby and download their FREE, downloadable eBook about preparing for birth, including a free birth plan! You may run across your favorite FIT4MOM program in there, too, along with an excellent article by our Chief Founding Mom, Lisa Druxman.

If you find yourself not knowing what to pack, do yourself a favor and get one of these bags! They just make your life easier! And if you live in Redmond, WA and in need of a village, JOIN OURS! We are FIT4MOM Redmond and we would love to have you!

Erin Houg

Owner - FIT4MOM Redmond

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