Erica Spear

Certifications: Stroller Strides, Fit4Baby and Body Back.

Little nuggets: Dylan born in June of 2014.

Thoughts about FIT4MOM: I found Stroller Strides when Dylan was six weeks old, and never looked back. It was a life-raft for me! I LOVE meeting other moms, creating a healthy routine for my son and I, and feeling good in my own skin again post-baby. The women I have met through FIT4MOM are now my closest friends and I simply cannot imagine my life without this Village. Getting fitter and stronger as I made these fantastic friendships has been amazing!

One piece of advice for moms regarding FIT4MOM: I know it can be intimidating to try something new- especially as you navigate life as a mom- but JUST DO IT! This group will meet you exactly as you are, support you on your path, and make life so much more fun. We understand your hesitations, we are in step with your struggles- come join us and let's do this thing together! Motherhood should not be done without support!

What else are you passionate about: Pre-'mom life' I was a professional chef. I love food and cooking, eating at new restaurants and exploring farmers' markets with my husband and son.

Future goal: Being a recent transplant to the Pacific Northwest, I can't wait to really get to know the area and explore EVERYTHING this amazing region has to offer! Skiing, hiking...lets do it!

Thursday – October 26, 2017

FIT4MOM Eastside Studio

Friday – October 27, 2017

Redmond Town Center
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