Jenny Williams

Instructor: Certifications in Stroller Strides, Fit4Baby and Body Back.

Little Nuggets: Adelynn was born in June 2010 and identical twins Rian and Ellie were born in April 2013.

Thoughts about FIT4MOM: FIT4MOM is a great way to connect with other moms, inspire each other, and get a great workout in at the same time. My favorite aspect of FIT4MOM is how it works for moms of ALL fitness levels.

What else are your passionate about: In addition to health and fitness, I am also passionate about living as environmentally-friendly as I can and I'm always looking for new ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

One piece of advice for new moms regarding our FIT4MOM programs: If you are a new mom, FIT4MOM is the place for you. Your first class is free so you have absolutely nothing to lose!

Future goal: I ran my first 1/2 marathon just before Addy turned two, and my second 1/2 marathon before the twinkies turned two. Now I want to run Ragnar!

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