Katie Whitley

Body Back Program Manager

Certification: Body Back

Little nuggets: Parker was born in August of 2010 and Amaya was born in February of 2014.

Thoughts about FIT4MOM: Joining FIT4MOM changed my life! I don’t have family nearby so the group of women in this program became my other family. If I have questions, need advice about parenting or simply want to vent I’m surrounded by other moms that understand exactly where I am coming from. The Body Back program helped me find confidence and a strength that I didn’t know that I had. I am now in the best shape of my life. Motherhood is still challenging but this organization has helped me find the balance that I was missing.

One piece of advice for moms regarding FIT4MOM: Take the risk! I signed up not knowing anyone but knew that I wanted a healthier lifestyle and more mom friends. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!

What else are you passionate about: I am a former History Teacher so I enjoy discussing politics, social injustice and international issues. I also love playing ultimate frisbee with my husband, hiking with our family and watching the Seahawks!

Future Goal: FIT4MOM has helped me increase my running speed tremendously (I've dropped 2 minutes off of my mile time). Now I'm hoping to work on distance goals. I just signed up for my first Ragnar race in July! Additionally, I’d like to beat my personal record times during a triathlon this summer.

Tuesday – October 24, 2017

FIT4MOM Eastside Studio
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