An Open Door

I saw a quote this morning that made me think: "Life begins at the end of your comfort zone." I love this for so many reasons. Sure, living life is great as you move along through the tunnels and the streets of life, but it gets exciting when you get uncomfortable and just go for it. I have had a few of those moments in my life.

Some of you may not know, I started college what I was 15 years old. This gave me the opportunity to starting working at a young age. Because of the work ethic that was built early on, I have always been a "doer." If something needs to get done, I just do it. It really doesn't get any simpler then that.

If you had told me in 2015 that I would open my own fitness studio, I would have laughed at you! Loudly. Not because I didn't believe you but because it wasn't on my radar AT ALL. At the time I owned two FIT4MOM franchises, both consisted of hundreds of clients from all over the eastside of the Seattle area. Every year with the changing of the seasons, I had to find indoor locations to house all my classes. In Redmond, available locations were few and far between. I needed space to rent for my fitness programs, so why not open a studio?! I didn't have a reason no to, so I just did it!

I have LOVED owning my own studio! It has given me the freedom to start new programs, offer more classes and reach more moms. Not just in a physical/fitness related way as we are very involved in the community of Redmond. This is what I wanted for my FIT4MOM franchise. I wanted moms to feel a sense of community right when they "walked through the door." I just had no idea that would I would own an actual door.

This is the door. Located at 7303 164th Ave NE in Redmond Town Center. This door is open to you, your family and your friends... A door looking to welcome pregnant women looking for a community that understands the aches and pains of growing tiny people, women who aren't sure how they can function on no sleep with a newborn, women who are trying to figure out how having a child could change her body and world so much and women who are looking to find themselves again. This door is open to all women, in every stage of life. My goal is to help them find purpose, maybe even re-find themselves and to help them achieve goals that they didn't know they had. Or achieve goals that had/have been put aside to become a mom.

These doors are always open for you. Come join us in 2016. We would love to welcome you into our community, our world and our lives.

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