Beth's Body Back Journey - Week 2

Beth is brand new to FIT4MOM's Body Back program. Join her as she documents her Body Back journey for the next eight weeks. Body Back is about empowering, finding balance and making lifestyle changes... All in a supportive, all-female setting. Welcome to Beth's journey.

From Beth:

My phone screen is cracked. It has been for months. Every time I think about getting it replaced (again), I think about how I will just inevitably crack it again.

My eating habits are kind of like my phone.

Every morning I wake up with the best intentions. Drink a smoothie for breakfast, log my food for Body Back, eat a high protein, low carb lunch and track my food intake…

Somewhere, however, life catches up and the baby and the toddler melt down at the exact same moment that I remember I made brownies four days prior and then, somehow, I’m standing in my kitchen, intentions out the window, mouth full of brownie.

And the brownie only tastes good for the first two bites, because after that, the shame of going off track and blowing the plan for the day catches up with me. That doesn’t stop me from eating the rest of the pan though, and the handful of skittles and the extra glass of wine later that night with dinner and the ice cream for dessert, because, well, why bother trying to eat healthy today when I’ve gone so far off track?

My screen is cracked. But my phone still works. Because when you drop your phone, only to pick it up and find it cracked, that doesn’t mean you then proceed to run it over with your car.

So why do I treat healthy eating that way? One brownie might be the crack in my healthy eating plan for the day, but throwing in the towel on the remainder of the day and proceeding to eat like there’s no hope left in tomorrow-well, that’s just foolish.

But that’s my struggle. It isn’t the workouts for me. It’s being accountable for what I put on my plate and in my mouth (because, as a mom to 2 boys, there are a lot of meals that don’t make it onto plates theses days).

Every meal is a chance to start over. One bite of brownie doesn’t mean that the day is a wash. It doesn’t make me a bad person or a failure at my goal of eating well and being healthier. It’s just a detour on my way. And sure, the more detours you allow yourself to take, the longer it takes to reach your goal, but it’s not the automatic route off the cliff that I treat it to be.

These days my life is all about finding balance. One bite of brownie doesn’t equal a pan. One crack doesn’t equal a new phone.

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