Beth's Body Back Journey - Week 3

Beth is brand new to FIT4MOM's Body Back program. Join her as she documents her Body Back journey for the next eight weeks. Body Back is about empowering, finding balance and making lifestyle changes... All in a supportive, all-female setting. Welcome to Beth's journey.

From Beth:

“Have fun getting pretty, Mommy”.

Hmmmm. That stopped me in my tracks. This was from a three year old who could appreciate a great pair of heels or a sparkly statement necklace and for him to reference getting pretty wasn’t the showstopper-it was the context. I was headed out the door for a workout and he knew it.

Pre-kids, working out to get pretty was the goal. When I worked out, it was to burn off the previous night’s pizza, or to fit into my skinny jeans. Pretty was the whole point.

Post-kids, working out has taken on a whole new meaning. I work out to be strong, to calm my mind, and to keep my body healthy.

Those “teachable moments” always seem to come when I’m already late, dinner is burning, the baby needs a new diaper and the phone is ringing. But most of the time, they are just too darn important to brush aside. This moment meant I was going to be late but I needed him to know more about this whole “pretty” thing.

“You know Mommy works out to be strong, right?” He looked at me, surprised. I explained to him that pretty was nice, but strong was better. Strong meant that I could run with him while he rode his bike. Strong meant that I could pick him up and carry him to bed, when his sleepy legs didn’t want to walk. Strong mommies gave bigger hugs too.

It’s important to me that my son understands that women are powerful, strong, fearless people. The beauty of that lesson is, that for me to be able to effectively teach it, I have to believe it, about myself. I want my son to understand that words, without work, mean very little. And so, I run. I lift. I plank and hate every second of it. But I work out. I work out so the work speaks for itself, without words.

“It is a shame for a woman to grow old without ever seeing the strength and beauty of which her body is capable.” -Socrates

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