Beth's Body Back Journey - Week 4

Beth is brand new to FIT4MOM's Body Back program. Join her as she documents her Body Back journey for the next eight weeks. Body Back is about empowering, finding balance and making lifestyle changes... All in a supportive, all-female setting. Welcome to Beth's journey.

From Beth:

I listen to music when I work out. Angry hip hop is my preference for running, current pop for spin classes, a mix of both for boot camp style classes. No music? Well, that generally means no workout.

So, when the little jawbone speaker died during our workout the other day and the sound of silence began to creep in, I felt my mind start to drift and my form start to falter. So what does one do when the silence is too much of a distraction? Well, in a class full of women, we talk.

We start small, we gain steam. We groan, we vent and laugh. Sometimes it’s light, sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s just us ganging up on Erin. But sometimes it starts small, gains steam, and begins to matter. And last class, somewhere between weird monkey push-ups and standing mountain climbers, we started talking babies. Trying for them, wanting them, having them, losing them, missing them…babies in all forms. And, as it turns out, most of us had lost a baby at some point. So we talked miscarriage. In all its messy, sad, angry, lonely glory. Because most of us that night had had one. Some, multiple. And, in the waning sunlight, while forcing one more rep, through one more minute, we became more than just women working out.

Everyone needs a village. That’s what they say, right? And you probably have several in your life. Maybe it’s your college friends. Your church group. Your kid’s friend’s parents. Your neighbors. Your mom. Your best friend. You might even have a village you don’t realize is a village. The point is, your village can take many forms.

We became a village that night when the music died. And that’s not to say that we’re now BFFs for life, or will be setting up weekly lunches, but what began as a group of strangers working out twice a week has changed into something I wasn’t expecting.

I collect people. I love meeting them, I love networking with them, I love making connections. Yet I entered into this Body Back session with a singular focus-to be bikini ready by November. I wanted to show up, work out, lose weight, and go home. I expected my body to change. I hadn’t factored in that my heart would too.

There are two weeks left in this session and there are four remaining workouts. I’ve lost the weight and can comfortably say I will achieve my goal but I am surprisingly more proud of the relationships I walk away with, instead of the pounds I’m leaving behind.

I’m proud of the shrinking of the scale, but I value much more the growth of my heart.

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