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Fit4Baby – Finding My First Community of Moms

When I was only a couple weeks pregnant, I remember being in a tea store and frantically looking up ingredients of each tea. Could I have cinnamon? Is there too much caffeine in green tea? I have to admit it. I am definitely the type of person that swings to the more neurotic side of the pendulum while being pregnant, and heck, well most things in my life.

Before finding out I was pregnant, I ran at least three times a week. I wasn’t always much of an athlete, but when I found running in my 20s, it became a source of calm in those anxiety-producing moments. The first few weeks of pregnancy, I continued my run routine, but it wasn’t too soon before I was feeling tired and experiencing the first signs of morning sickness. Running did not seem appealing in the slightest! I knew I still wanted to exercise, but I felt a bit nervous about what I should or shouldn’t do.

I started doing some research and found Fit4Baby in my area. Once I started getting more energy, I was excited to see what the classes were like. There was something so comforting and calming about being with other pregnant women and instructors who were trained to help us exercise all the way up until delivery. In addition to the instructors themselves, I loved that I could go to class and ask my workout buddies questions about which crib, or stroller to buy? I have had many moments after class speaking with one of my new friends and asking them about their previous childbirth, or how they chose a pediatrician. I am so happy that I found Fit4Baby because I’ve been able to exercise and create my first mama community. I may still be googling whether or not I should have cinnamon in my tea, but at least now I have one hour twice a week where friends can surround me and I am able to put my pregnancy anxiety at bay.

Deborah is a Lecturer at UW Bothell and an Associate Faculty member at Shoreline Community College. She is currently 28 weeks pregnant with her first child.

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