FIT4MOM Eastside Mom of the Month

Mom of the Month - Allison Mistrot

Allison recently joined FIT4MOM Eastside and dove right in to classes, playdates, and generally bringing lots of joy to our village! Read on to learn more about this CA transplant!

Where are you originally from?

Santa Rosa, CA

When did you join FIT4MOM?

I started considering it when I first moved to Seattle when Jack was two weeks old and joined classes once I was cleared end of September 2016!

What classes do you attend?

Stroller Strides!

Who is your workout buddy and their age?

Jack! He is 4 months old!

What is your favorite thing about FIT4MOM?

The amazing women I have met!

How has FIT4MOM changed your lifestyle choices?

It has helped get me back to my pre-baby self while being able to workout with baby!

What is your current job? Or what did you do before staying at home (if you don’t currently work outside the home)?

Age group swim coach & cycle instructor!

Share your thoughts on the concept of “it takes a village” – is it important for moms to join a village?

YES! I couldn't agree more. Joining a group that has other women who are going through the same thing and can help with questions and what not. As much as I love my husband I need other moms to talk to and to be around. Especially being a new mom in a brand new city!

What is your favorite beverage?

I love ice cold water! Or a good glass of red wine! :)

What is your favorite dessert?

Anything Oreo or chocolate!

You are given 4 hours of FREE babysitting. What would you do?


What is your ultimate child-free vacation destination?

Well before Jack was born we went to Maui yearly, and honestly, we can't wait to bring him with us! Maybe once he's older and we have more kids! But that's what grandma and grandpa are for while on vacation; they let you have a few nights to yourselves.

How has becoming a mother changed you?

I can't even remember my life before Jack and I definitely can't put into words how much I LOVE being a mommy. It is the best gift I have ever been given.

I am happiest when...

I am with my husband, baby boy and yellow lab, Brody, all snuggled up. Jack is asleep and Brody is taking up the whole bed. Wouldn't have it any other way.

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