FIT4MOM Eastside Mom of the Month

Mom of the Month - Melanie McNaghten

Meet mama extraordinaire, Melanie! With three littles, we admire her dedication to exercise with her little at Stroller Strides, and on her own at TRX and Body Back. Melanie, you amaze us all!

Where are you originally from?


When did you join FIT4MOM?

January 2015. Then I took a year or so off and came back this February

What classes do you attend?

Stroller Strides, TRX and now Body Back!!!!!

Who is your workout buddy and their age?

Lane (almost 3) and Wrigley (9 months). I also have Whelan who is 8.

What is your favorite thing about FIT4MOM?

It has given me a way to get back in shape after my kiddos plus introduced me to so many wonderful moms I feel lucky to know!

How has FIT4MOM changed your lifestyle choices?

It has really shown me that taking time for me is valuable! I am a much nicer mama when I get a workout in! And now that I have started Body Back I have really changed the way I eat!

What is your current job? Or what did you do before staying at home (if you don’t currently work outside the home)?

I previously worked as a Family Law Paralegal.

Share your thoughts on the concept of “it takes a village” – is it important for moms to join a village?

Being a mom is the most rewarding, yet tough, job. It's not meant to be done alone. I love having other moms to use as a sounding board. It's so great to hear what works/doesn't work for other families. I learn something new all the time. I think everyone should give FIT4MOM a try if only for this aspect!

What is your favorite beverage?

Coffee, coffee, coffee!!!!!!!!

What is your favorite dessert?

A really good Crem Brûlée!

You are given 4 hours of FREE babysitting. What would you do?

Go on a date with my hubby!!!!

What is your ultimate child-free vacation destination?


How has becoming a mother changed you?

I have learned to let go of the little things, like making sure my house is clean all the time!

I am happiest when...

I get to spend the day with my husband and the kiddos!

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