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Mom Pro Tip: The Perfect Home Organization Chart!

Recently in our home, I have been struggling with keeping on my kids about completing their daily chores. I have been hoping a chore chart might keep them on track and incentivized. I’ve also been on the search for the perfect home command center where I can organize things like shopping lists, coupons, and important family information. If you know me at all, you know I love organizing and I like everything to coordinate! After getting sucked deep into Pinterest and considering some intense DIY versions, I’d given up finding a visual solution that worked for the whole family, and didn’t clash with my home decor.

As usual, I asked Our Village for help and got a referral to Chart a la Carte, a local woman-owned company who makes the exact thing I’ve been looking for!

You design the organization system, and they create it using customized color and fabric options, and tons of add-ons to make it function perfectly for your family. They also offer free printables for just about every list/chart/whatever you can dream up!

As a new FIT4MOM Eastside partner, Chart a la Carte is offering us an awesome discount AND free shipping. Check our Partnerships page for the details.

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