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Momma Fashion: Take On January!

The New Year is under way and we are already smashing our resolutions and feeling in control of 2017, right? Well some of you probably are and good for you, but it’s cold outside, we could all use more sleep, our bank balances are depleted from Christmas and our waist bands are a little snug.

Be kind to yourself! If you, like many others, are having a slow start to 2017, remember there are 11 more months left in the year to keep chipping away at your goals. Don’t ever give up on what you want to achieve, but also don’t forget to celebrate yourself today, just as you are now. Here are a few of my favorite little things that you can do to feel good about yourself and help you beat the January blues.


This time of year I like to donate a few things from my home and wardrobe. Things that are too small and from a life before kids - our bodies and tastes undoubtedly change after children and there’s no shame in that! Reducing clutter and bringing in a few new basics can help make you feel fresh and ready to take on today. I love a classic long line stripe tee like this one from COS. With a curved hemline it would be an easy top to lift up for nursing as well as giving room for any mid-section weight that many of us moms carry.

Rise Early

If you can get out of bed earlier than the kids and squeeze in a workout like Body Back that’s amazing, but even getting up 30 minutes before the kids wake, showering and having a moment of calm for yourself is a great way to start the day. Sure, it might not happen every day especially if you’re not a morning person, or you’ve been up all hours the night before, but it’s always worth the hustle.

Rug Up

We all know that feeling good about yourself comes from within, but wearing clothes that are too tight, uncomfortable or restrictive are never going to make you feel great, or help with inner confidence. January is the perfect time to rug up in cozy knits and I am a fan of all things oversized and slouchy this time of year. (Luckily here in the US we get to do that. Back in my home country of New Zealand it’s bikini weather right now.) Here is a great knit on sale that will forgive all those Christmas over-indulgences and just feel super snug.

Get Active

If you are serious about getting more active this year there are many great brands out there perfect for busy Moms, which can take you from school run, coffee dates, grocery store to a work out without the need to change. It’s a Mom cliché but I find that I am more likely to fit in something active if I put on leggings and a sports bra in the morning - I love Nike jogger sweat pants and the simple sportswear from Outdoor Voices. For me, when I wear jeans during the day it’s basically admitting to myself that I won’t be hill walking with the stroller or squeezing in a home-based workout.

Have Happy Feet

Find a pair of favorite sneakers that you’ll never want to be without. I love my black Nike Huaraches, which is pretty much the only shoe I wear during the day. It's so comfortable, light and easy to slip on. I also love all the colorful socks from Happy Socks who are offering 30% off and free shipping right now. These socks not only make me happy but my kids love them too!


If one of your goals this year is to spend less on things like buying coffee, but like me you’re also miserable without it, try investing in something that makes great coffee at home. I just bought a Capresso milk steamer to use with my Bialetti, which may well be the most used thing in my house this year, and it will save money in the long run! It’s a small thing that makes getting out of bed a whole lot easier and those dark mornings a little brighter.

Here’s to feeling good and taking care of ourselves with little things in 2017. Be kinder to yourself today, we moms especially need to stop being so critical of ourselves; avoid living in the future and thinking that fitting into a skinny pair of jeans will make us happy. Simplify and love yourself as you are today!

I like this quote as reminder to strive for balance and health without hard fast rules and resolutions:

"Your diet, exercise routine, and stress level lay the foundation for how you feel, so fuel your body with good nutrition, break a little sweat each day and set aside time to unwind. Because it’s hard to feel bad about a body you are taking great care of.”

Wishing you health & happiness in 2017.

Aleasha Dearsley is a New Zealander, wife & mother of two girls now living in the Seattle area. She left a fast-paced career in London as an online fashion editor to move to Beijing, Helsinki, and now Seattle with her husband. She blogs about life, travel, and fashion at

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