Natalie's Fit4Baby Journey - Finding My Groove

Well, at 28 weeks I’ve turned the corner to the 3rd trimester of pregnancy. While my first pregnancy seemed to slog on forever, this one has flown by. I am not sure I’m ready to have a baby with just 11 weekends to get things done! Does anyone else’s pre-baby checklist include starting a baby book for your first born, who is now two? Re-organize the laundry room? Finally hanging up those professional family photos?

Regardless of my expanding mental to-do list, one thing I feel confident about is my physical activity in the past two weeks. With Fit4Baby, along with other FIT4MOM programs like Stroller Strides, Redmond’s Friday Night Fit Club and Body Back Boost classes, and my usual walks with my toddler and dog, I feel like I am doing my best in preparing my body for birth and post-pregnancy strength.

At class this week, we completed a circuit training class with a “surprise” in the middle of the workout. Unfortunately, surprise did not equate to an edible treat. It meant tabata style push-ups and lots of v-sits. The circuits included body weight strength, hand weights, resistance bands, and cardio stations. The class was challenging, and I was relieved when the workout was over. I am glad I have Fit4Baby to help keep me on task during the day, so I can ensure my evenings are free for exercise and relaxation once I am home.


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