Natalie's Fit4Baby Journey - Ice Cream, You Scream

Not gonna lie, the highlight of class this week was when it ended. A group of us pregnant mommas headed a few doors down to Cold Stone Creamery Redmond for a post-workout snack! I mean, we just worked out, right? We’re all eating for two. I’m 8 months pregnant. I have many, many justifications for this outing, and I hope we repeat it again soon! It was especially nice to get to know some of my cohorts better, since we will all be having babies around the same time.

The energy in the recent Fit4Baby classes has been amazing. Class attendance is at an all-time high, which must mean there’s an Eastside baby boom! There are so many women determined to have fit and healthy pregnancies, and make sure they’re physically prepared for the birth experience. Have you ever seen a group of pregnant women jogging? Doing set after set of push-ups? It’s very inspirational, and helps me stay motivated to do just one more rep.

Personally, as I get larger, I’m noticing that I’m more challenged than ever by the workouts. It’s getting harder to hold my hips up for a plank, do a deep squat, or do anything that involves much jumping or quickly getting up or down. I remind myself that working hard now will pay off later, with an easier recovery post-baby. Plus, I’m not above motivating myself with a post workout ice cream visit! Whatever it takes, right?

If you’re looking for a way to connect with like-minded moms on the Eastside with a variety of backgrounds, Fit4Baby is for you!

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