Permission to Pause

It is no secret that I am not a yogi. I am a runner that doesn’t stretch enough. I don’t have a quiet mind to breathe deeply and focus on my inner… See? I just got distracted and forgot that I was quieting my mind.

This week, Athleta has a campaign called “Permission to Pause”. It is focused on mindfulness, rest and recovery. Not being a yogi, or mellow in personality, I don’t feel like those words are a part of my life as a fitness professional.

It seems that everywhere I turn, I am seeing new ways to use the environment around me to create a workout to challenge with my clients with at FIT4MOM Eastside. Permission to Pause was no different. I decided to turn the Permission to Pause campaign into a workout. Giving myself Permission to Pause at times when my body would rather not continue. I put my own spin on Athleta's campaign and thought I would share it with you.

Permission to Pause Workout:

  • Warm-up: Two minutes of each - Jumping jacks, high knees and tushie kickers.
  • Exercise #1: One minute of Burpees. Permission to Pause moment: After jumping back into plank, holding that plank for three seconds.
  • Exercise #2: One minute of Push-ups. Permission to Pause moment: Inside my push-up, hovering at the bottom, just long enough to want to fall down.
  • Exercise #3: One minute of Crunches. Permission to Pause moment: At the top of my crunch, holding that edge long enough to feel my muscles shaking!
  • Exercise #4: One minute of TRX Plank Tucks. Permission to Pause moment: With my feet in the straps, holding plank position and then holding the tuck, slowing down the movement and motion
  • Exercise #5: Two minutes of Box Jumps. Permission to Pause moment: After clearing the box jump, at the top, stretching up for 10 calf raises.
  • Exercise #6: One minute of Tricep Dips. Permission to Pause moment: At the lowest point, holding for a pause at the bottom.
  • Exercise #7: One minute of Military Press. Permission to Pause moment: At the top of the exercise, tightening my core and stand solid and firm, leaving my arms up overhead for a few extra seconds.
  • Exercise #8: One minute of Sit-ups. Permission to Pause moment: When coming up in the sit-up, taking my hands up to the sky before folding and reaching for my toes.

(I completed this workout four times all the way through.)

Cool down: I took about five minutes to stretch, center my thoughts and clear my mind of clutter. That lasted about 15 seconds before my sweet boys were asking for a snack. #themotherhoodisreal

Try my Permission to Pause workout and let us know what you think!

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