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She's Crafty - Apple Stamping Craft for Fall

Apple stamping is a favorite in our house and really marks the end of summer. Read the instructions below and click through the slideshow at the bottom of this entry to see pictures of the craft in progress!


All you need are some bruised apples that you don’t really want to eat and don’t have time to turn into apple pie, as well as paper, paint and scissors. I love the simplicity of this craft. Hand the kids some paint and a new way to use it and they are happy!

Also, the pumpkin in the first photo is a cute little candy jar I wanted to show off; I found it in the infamous money-pit dollar section of my favorite store this week.

1. First, an adult needs to cut the apples in half. Depending on which way you slice the apple, you will either get a circle with an apple star in the center, or an apple-shaped stamp. I like to do both.

2. Next, insert one fork into each apple halve to create a handle for the stamp and help keep the craft a little less messy!

3. You can either give the kids the paper and have them start stamping away now or you can pre-cut the paper into apple shapes for them first.

4. Let the kids go wild, dipping the apples into the paint and stamping on to the paper.

Voila! Cute apple artwork to hang up to welcome Fall!

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Apple Stamping Craft

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