Kids Holiday Wreath Craft

She's Crafty: Cotton Swab Wreaths

This cute weath painting is easy to execute with materials you probably have on hand, and has so many great uses for the holiday season - home decor, gifts, wrapping paper, personalized cards...the list goes on!


  • Cardboard Toilet paper tube (cut in half)
  • 100 cotton swabs
  • 2 rubber or hair bands
  • Paint and paper of choice


Arrange cotton swabs around cardboard tube. Try to evenly distribute around tube.

Secure with rubber bands.

Fold leftover cardboard tube in half and place in middle of other tube for reinforcement.

Dab cotton swab wreath into paint of choice.

(I used acrylic on a paper plate for easy clean up!)

Stamp on paper. Repeat.

Add red marker berries or anything else you like!

This would be great on brown craft paper- hello designer wrapping paper!!!

Cotton Swab Wreath Holiday Craft
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