crafting with kids august summer 2017

She's Crafty - Crayon Painting on Hot Rocks

This is a great craft you can do in one day or spread it out over a week! Each step will keep the kids busy; perfect for a summer day! Flip through the image gallery below for a step-by-step visual.

Step 1: Go Rock Hunting

Grab a shovel and a bucket and roam your backyard or nearby park for the perfect rocks. Look for smooth, small to medium sized rocks. Lighter color rocks will result in more vibrant “paintings” at the end.

Step 2: Start Scrubbing

Fill your bucket with soap and water and start scrubbing those rocks clean. You don’t want to paint dirty rocks! This step is just as fun as the rock painting itself, so take advantage of the kids’ love for water and bubbles and let them take their time getting those rocks squeaky clean.

Step 4: Grab Your Broken Crayons

Clean out your playroom and gather up all your broken crayons. Any broken crayons you don’t end up using can be thrown in the garbage.

Step 5: Bake the Rocks

Put your clean rocks on a baking sheet and put them in a 300 degree oven for 10 minutes. While your rocks are in the oven, start peeling all the paper off your broken crayons. The crayons will melt easily if the paper wrapper is taken off.

Step 6: Set Up the Craft Space

We did this outside, since the idea of hot colored wax melting inside my house did not sound appealing. Since it is summer the rocks stayed heated longer outside too, allowing the kids to take their time decorating. Have an adult remove the rocks from the oven and use an oven mitt to place the rocks on tin foil sheets.

Step 7: Start Painting!

Remember the rocks just came out of a 300 degree oven, they are HOT! Younger children should wear winter gloves to help prevent burns. Remind your kids to not touch, turn over, or pick up the rocks, just paint the tops of them. Now let the kids get creative, the crayons will melt on contact with the rocks allowing them to “paint” designs on the surface. They will love it!

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