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She's Crafty - Salt Dough Ornaments

This craft is really two crafts in one, and is just right for cold winter days when you want to keep warm indoors. Bonus: the ornaments make perfect gifts!

Flip through the photo gallery at the bottom of this post to see pictures of each step!

Part one: Making the dough ornaments

In a medium bowl mix:

2 cups of flour

1 cup of salt

1 cup of warm water

Let the kids get their hands messy and kneed the dough until it’s fully mixed.

Roll the dough out evenly to ½ inch thick.

Press your child’s hand into the dough with fingers slightly spread to form a handprint. Use a bowl or cup as a guide to cut a circle around the handprint. Cookie cutters are a great way to create fun shaped ornaments with any leftover dough.

Insert a straw into each ornament to create a hole from which to hang the ornament.

Place ornaments in 200 degree oven for 2-3 hours, flipping over every 30 minutes.

Let cool completely.

Part two: Painting the ornaments!

Bring out the paints and let the kids decorate their ornaments!

You can turn the handprints into cute little Santa faces by painting the palm skin toned, the thumb and bottom of the hand red for the hat and the fingers white for the beard. Use the tip of the paintbrush handle to create the eyes and nose.

Thread a ribbon or string through the hole, tie a knot and your ornament is ready to be hung on the tree or wrapped for a special gift.

Happy Holidays!

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Salt Dough Ornament Craft

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