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She's Crafty: Spring Chicks

Spring is HERE!

Spring is finally here and we are jumping for joy in our house! We are ready for sunshine, spring flowers and baby animals! To welcome spring we made this cute little spring chick with handprint keepsakes.

Flip through the gallery at the bottom of this post for step-by-step images of the process!


For this craft you need: a black marker, orange and yellow paint, scissors, glue, and colored construction paper.

Start with the messy stuff! Paint your child’s hands yellow and gently press them onto white paper to create little handprint wings for your chick. Then paint your child’s toes and balls of their feet orange to create little toe prints for the chick’s feet.

Cut an oval or egg shape out of yellow paper and have your child glue it to a full sheet of blue construction paper. This will be the chick’s body.

Next fold a piece of orange construction paper about two inches in. Then cut a triangle along the fold, one side of the triangle should be on the fold. This will be the chick’s beak; the fold will allow the beak to open and close.

For the chick’s eyes, layer two small pieces of white paper on top of each other and then cut out an oval shape. You will then have two equal sized eyes. Use the black marker to draw in the pupils.

Using the left over orange paper cut out an uneven heart shape to create a tuft of feathers for the top of the chick’s head.

Once your child’s hand and toe prints are dry cut them out leaving a small border.

Have your child glue all of the pieces into place. Be sure to write your child’s name and the date on their finished masterpiece!

Happy Spring!

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