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The Side Effects of Motherhood - The Best Bras for Mamas Who Exercise!

The side effects of Motherhood...

The list of motherhood side effects is long, and I won't bore you with all the amazingly awesome and sometimes not so fun details... but one thing I get asked about often is BRAS! After having kids, how do I work out with these new boobs that the motherhood gods have given me?

Now I get it. "Given me" sounds like you got a present. I don't know about you, but I wouldn't really describe mine as a "present" but #themotherhoodisreal and that includes my postpartum boobs! Ha!

Here are some favorite sports bras that I have used over the years while I was pregnant, nursing and postpartum! No bra is perfect for everyone but hopefully this list gives you a good starting point!

Here are three sports bras that I have tried and loved, even if it was just for a a short stage of motherhood.

(PS - this post isn't sponsored, I really do love these bras!)

1. LuluLemon's Ta Ta Tamer III. I wasn't a tiny chested girl before kids. I had a great rack! This was my go to bra before having kids, while pregnant and then again after joining Body Back. That was when my boobs started resembling something like my "pre children" boobs. Like the name says, it tames the tatas.

2. Moving Comfort/Brooks. Recently purchased by Brooks and a local company, Moving Comfort was my go to for NURSING sports bras! Yup, you read that right! The Jubralee, Juno and Fiona (among others) have Velcro straps. When I was nursing/pumping with Roman, I wore them all day! A quick unsnap, feed, Velcro back together and go! No shedding layers, or trying to wrestle a boob out of a tight (and possibly sweaty) sports bra. It was amazing! These sports bras are sold many places.

I suggest that you head to Title 9 in Bellevue and get fitted before you buy. Then you can buy them at Athleta in Bellevue Square (email mefor a discount card!) the Brooks Outlet in Bothell, or on Amazon.

4. Max Support Contour Underwire by Soma. That is right! An underwire sports bra! If you are feeling like you are left hanging (pun intended) then this might be the right bra for you! Better yet? Soma is located in Redmond Town Center right by our FIT4MOM studio! The employees are very helpful and will make sure that you have the right sizing as well!

I hope this helps some of you find the best fit bra for you! I am here to help your tatas!

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