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Three Fitness Trackers You May Not Know About

Fitness trackers are structured to monitor how often and how much you engage in some form of physical activity, so it’s easy to stay fit even through all of life’s engagements. For those whose jobs involve too much sitting, most trackers will beep after an hour of inactivity alerting of the need to take a short walk.

Though most of the fitness trackers available today have many common features, there are differences in the display, sleep tracking ability, heart rate monitoring, and tracking your training and progress.

Many of us are familiar with the fitness tracking capabilities of the Apple Watch and the FitBit. But, there are other options on the market that might be a great for you!

3 Different Fitness Trackers

The Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band

The Garmin Vivofit model is a stylish fitness tracker that can be worn anytime, anywhere. After an hour of inactivity, it will display a red move bar that will compel you to take a walk for it to reset. It has a battery that lasts for more than a year without needing to be changed. The tracker uses your fitness and weight goals, accurately monitors your progress, and alerts you when it’s time to get moving.

The Jawbone UP3

This tracker model is more of a jewel than a gadget and any woman will love it. It’s a one size fits all approach that has an added buckle to ensure very accurate sensor readings. It’s the thinnest and the lightest of the trackers available in the market today. The jawbone UP3 battery lasts one week. It has an exceptionally good coaching and lifestyle tracking app. However, due to a lack of a display, you will have to use your phone for stats, which is the main undoing of this particular fitness tracker.

The misfit Ray

The most distinct feature of the misfit ray is its long battery life. The battery can last for 6 months without asking for replacement. It has an automatic tracking ability that is very accurate and vibra-alerts. Though not as attractive as the other trackers, it can still be worn as a bracelet or as a necklace suspension. It has an adjustable strap that is comfortable enough even in sleep. As long as it is configured, it’ll automatically pair with your device every time it’s in range.

Common Features in the Fitness Trackers

1. Activity Reminder Prompts

The activity reminder prompts are an essential way of ensuring that you don’t conveniently avoid taking steps towards burning calories. The trackers will vibrate at set intervals to remind you that you’ve been in one position for too long.

2. Water Resistant

All the three trackers have the ability to withstand a splash of water and can also handle a dive. This means that they can be worn in the shower and you may also track your swimming due to their waterproof nature.

3. LED Display

The trackers have LED displays to show your progress. When connected to the app of choice they are the finer details of the data are made available.

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