Tiffany's Body Back Journey - Week 2 and 3

I love the feeling of sore muscles. That “hurt” feels SO GOOD to me! And after weeks 2 and 3 of Body Back, let me just say….. I feel GREAT!!

First off, it was a last minute decision to combine my week 2 and week 3 blog posts. I love writing, and I love blogging, and in order to do so, I need to make time to actually sit down at my computer. But the last two weeks, I have had so much energy that during any of my “free time”, I have been inspired to keep moving instead of sitting down and writing. And that is because of Body Back.

When I first started Body Back, I thought these workouts were going to knock me out. I usually prefer to work out in the mornings, but with our family schedule, the night session was the only one that would work for us. But instead of dreading that night workout all day… I wake up every morning pumped and ready to go, and I’ve been getting in extra workouts with Stroller Strides classes in the mornings, as well as logging more miles on the trail. I have so much energy with my kids all day, and then I go to Body Back two evenings a week. On those evenings that I come home late after a workout, I usually roll around on my foam roller and stretch some more, and then I meal prep for our family the next day before going to bed.

That’s right. I am all of a sudden working out even MORE than I originally set out to do with this Body Back program. Instead of being worn out, I am inspired to work out even more! And I feel fantastic.

And even though the numbers aren’t showing on the scale just yet… I am liking how my clothes are suddenly feeling and looking looser on me. Dare I say it, I’m liking what I see in the mirror.

My favorite part about the Body Back workouts so far is the variety. These classes are so fun! We have had an outdoor traveling class (lots of running if you want!), we have had a “what area do YOU want to work on” class, we have had a Scrabble class, etc. No workout has ever been the same, and I am always surprised with how fast the classes seem to go.

As for the food and nutrition portion… Something that Erin said at the beginning of the program was “If you’re not hungry enough to eat vegetables, then you’re not really hungry, you are bored”. This has really stuck with me. I’ve always considered myself a healthy eater with a sweet tooth. And I have always indulged that sweet tooth, especially late at night. But now, instead of reaching for chips or popcorn or chocolate at night, I’ll eat veggies. And then maybe some healthy popcorn.

All right, I see where this is going for next week. We set weekly goals as part of our journey… Next week I will set a food-related goal. This is clearly my weak spot. Even more positive changes to come, I can feel it!

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