Tiffany's Body Back Journey - Week 4

I’m not going to lie... This week was a tough week. I really did not want to slow down my physical momentum. I was doing two workouts a day on some days, I had so much energy all the time, I was looking forward to my next workout; everything just felt great. But unfortunately, the universe had other plans.

Last weekend, I injured my neck. Pretty badly. There wasn’t an exact moment where something happened, but at some point on Saturday night, my neck just started HURTING. And it hasn’t been the same since. All of a sudden, it hurt to turn my head. It hurt to pick up my babies. It hurt to do anything, really. (I went to see the doctor, and I’m going to be just fine, but that is a different story for another time.)

So I took it easy on Sunday. And then Monday came around, and I had to skip Body Back. And then I had to skip Tuesday Stroller Strides, and the run I had planned, and then Wednesday Body Back... Ugh!! I DO NOT like missing workouts. I felt like all of the physical momentum I had gained was now slipping away…

But I also understand that we need to let our bodies rest. As much as I do not like taking the bench, I’ve got to just sit this one out right now. My neck is slowly getting better, and I am slowly easing back into some lighter workouts – lots of stretching, some yoga, some modified strength training, etc. I know it will be better for me in the long run. I plan to get back into the Body Back workouts next week.

So this week, I focused on the nutrition side. That’s the side that’s easier for me to neglect usually.

I have been eating so many fruits and vegetables. I’ve cut back on alcohol and soda. I’ve thrown out junk food that served no good purpose being in our house. I’ve made healthier decisions for the whole family.

One of our Body Back challenges this week was to makeover a family favorite dish, using healthier ingredients. Done! I made a hearty chili with ground turkey, lots of beans, lots of veggies, and no butter or salt. Then I kept going. I used greek yogurt on top instead of sour cream, I sprinkled less cheese on top, and – this was the big one – I just used a spoon instead of dipping into it with Fritos scoops!

Healthy doesn’t have to be boring. And it doesn’t mean complete deprivation either. I’ve learned that everything in moderation is key – and everything I’m eating is truly delicious! Sometimes you just have to SLOW DOWN, listen to your body, and enjoy every healthy bite. And I’ve done just that.

I am looking forward to getting back into the workouts though! See you next week!

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