Tiffany's Body Back Journey - Week 5

Week 5! Mid-way through the program! Some people might think this is the dull moment, the deepest valley in the peaks and valleys of the journey, the time when you need more motivation to keep going, the week to slack off a little bit before stepping back up for the end…. Not me!! This week has been AMAZING!

First off, after my “injured reserved” week last week, I treated myself to a little retail therapy to get back in the game. I bought myself a couple of new workout tank tops…. 1) because I’m starting to see physical results and my old wardrobe is starting to get too big (yay!!), and 2) because some of these tanks are just too hilarious to pass up.

This one says “Everything Hurts and I’m Dying”. I could not stop laughing when I saw this. How funny is this tank top, when you’re finishing a tough workout, or when you’re crossing the finish line after a run that you’ve been training for… Everything Hurts and I’m Dying.

I had to have this tank top as soon as I saw it. Not because it’s true --- but the exact opposite. I have jumped full on back into my Body Back workouts, more training runs, more yoga sessions, and more cross training workouts in general… and instead of everything hurting and feeling like I’m dying, everything feels absolutely fantastic and I feel more alive than ever!! I said it before and I’ll say it again - I LOVE the feeling of sore muscles. I LOVE how much extra energy I have with my kiddos. I am LOVING these results I’m seeing and feeling.

I’ll tell you a little known secret…. That old “wives’ tale” of the secret to losing weight and feeling great…. It really is to just eat healthy, drink water, and exercise! Who would have thought?!

Thanks to Body Back, my exercise has been scheduled into my routine, I’m being very mindful of healthy foods and actually craving them now (what?!), and I’m drinking more water than my daily goal every single day. AND I AM SEEING RESULTS. I am feeling the results. And, maybe best of all…. My family and friends are noticing the results. And that’s always fun to hear!

So… yeah, no mid-program slump going on over here. Instead, I am pumped, motivated, happy, and determined to keep going with my health and fitness goals, and… not so much finish the program strong, but keep up these new healthy lifestyle changes I’ve created as my new daily behaviors moving forward.

I’ve always been a happy positive person… but there is an extra pep to my step lately! Loving it!!

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