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What do YOU Want for the Holidays? Erin's Top 5 Favorite Things!

What do I want for the holidays...

As a mom, I spend most of my holiday prep time trying to figure out what to get my kids, why they ask Santa for the impossible (hello! Fingerlings anyone?!?!), what to get my husband, what to buy/make/fashion/hot glue gun for my kids teachers (don't forget about the bus drivers!) that the last person on my list of ideas is ME! What would I like for the holidays?

Well Dear Husband, the list is short and sweet but is as follows and in no particular order:

1. Peace and quiet

2. Trips to the bathroom alone

3. #allthewine

4. No whining, arguing, fighting, bickering... Did I mention whining?

Let's be honest. Only one of those things can be wrapped and what is the point of wrapping #allthewine? That just means it takes me longer to open... #aintnobodygottimeforthat

I don't know about you, but my hubby does best when I am specific. "Honey, head to Costco, turn down aisle 25. About half way down the aisle on the right is _________." He comes home with that item about 50% of the time. Even better? "Honey, head to Bellevue Square. Find a parking spot, then find a mall directory. Look for Athleta. Go there, ask for Caroline (a real and VERY helpful manager there!) and tell her I need the Restore Jogger pants in grey, size medium. Hand her the credit card and watch her work her holiday magic and you can take credit for it." Sound familiar or even remotely helpful?

I thought I would share some of my favorite things, and maybe inspire some ideas of your own! Please note: This is not a paid advertisement. These are truly the things that make my life better!

1. Athleta Restore Joggers. Are you ready to own the most COMFORTABLE pants on the planet? They are soft, they are forgiving and you will NEVER take them off. Bonus? You can score a discount on them! (This is not a paid advertisement. This is true love... for a pair of pants.) Reply to this email and I can make sure that you have the chance to save 20%, December 13th through 15th at the Bellevue Athleta store. Get the discount card and hand it to your loved one. You will thank me later. I bought these for the FIT4MOM staff and they LOVE them! I live in mine and was disappointed when I had to take them off to snap the photo above.

2. MAC False Lash Maximizer. I a huge fan of Rodan & Fields Lash Boost (I promise it works, it is amazing, and you can get yours here! Again, not a paid advertisement, just love), and I love MAC's mascara primer. I put the two products on my lashes every day. Check them out! It goes on white and dries clear (in about 20 seconds). When it is almost dry, I apply my mascara. HELLO LASHES! The combo of Lash Boost and False Lash Maximizer and people will be stopping you in the streets for info. I promise!

3. Hydroflask. I recently discovered Hydroflask. You might be thinking, welcome to the party Erin. I know, but I really didn't know! These bottles are AMAZING! I can leave my house in the morning, throw water and ice in this bottle and there is STILL solid ice in there at 4pm. It keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot! I am IN MY CAR all day! Driving, running errands, working out... And my water STAYS cold! Even when I have to refill it with the ice still in there! Still cold! I am in love. And it comes in about 200 colors... (This might clue you in on why all the FIT4MOM staff now has these bottles too. I couldn't just buy one! I needed 29!)

4. Athleta Studio Wrap. These is the same material as the Restore Joggers, but this is for your ARMS! No need to buy two pairs of the pants and wear one on your arms. #winning. This wrap is soft, warm and it has magnetic closures! So there are about 300 ways you can wear it. Don't tell anyone, I have it four in different colors. And yes, I NEEDED all of them. Actually, I need more of them. The available discount cards are good on these wraps as well!

5. HASK Keratin Hair Mask. What you might not know about me, is that I have really curly hair. I straighten it most days. Having curly hair could also read "I have FRIZZY hair!" I love these hair masks! They are a 10 minute treatment you can do at home and they make my hair manageable! I got this one at Target but I think Amazon sells them too!

6. Not pictured, but I want Body Back! I know the name can be confusing but I want to work on my fitness goals, challenge myself and work on living a healthier lifestyle. I have been a client of Body Back for years (shout out to my early morning workout crew!). I love the workouts and I love the community! Body Back is our boot camp style program that includes meal plans, food journals and recipes in a small group format! It is AMAZING and has amazing results! Body Back makes me a HAPPIER mom! For more info, reach out to Erica! She will help you out!

I hope that some of these items might give you ideas of your own and possibly make your holiday shopping (or our hubbys shopping) a little bit easier! Happy Holidays!


Erin, FIT4MOM Eastside

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