The Painted Palace

The Painted Palaces and Seattle’s Princesses are proud to be in the business of helping dreams come true and making magic real to everyone. What started out as our Snow Queen doing a simple volunteer delivery of a painting has turned this company from a paint and sip venue to a place where dreams truly can come true.

Now, anything is possible for your little ones as Seattle’s Princesses can come to any party or event to dance, sing, face paint—and even do a coronation for your little one to officially make them a prince, princess, or hero!

They even offer our own venue for painting classes with your favorite characters, royal tea parties and events, or just as a place to host a party with the option to have a beloved princess drop in! Furthermore, they also love giving back to our community and work with several charities throughout the year to be sure everyone has access to magical encounters.

Seattle’s Princesses has always believed that—with a little faith, trust, and pixie dust—anything is possible, and we hope to make that magic accessible for everyone who believes that dreams can come true!