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Fit Foodie Finds: Califia Almond Milk

Happy Fall Ladies! We are expanding Fit Foodie Friday to include some of my favorite fit foodie finds! I’ll still continue to share recipes, bit also some of my favorite gadgets, beverages, snacks and products that will support your simple and healthy lifestyle!

This week I’m showcasing my new favorite almond milk: Califia Vanilla Almond Milk. In the past few years, I’ve moved away from cream and sugar in my coffee to low-fat milk. I’ve never been able to enjoy almond milk in my morning cup until now! It’s unsweetened, but the vanilla gives it a hint of natural sweetness. Its seriously so creamy. I get mine delivered in my Smith Brothers order and I absolutely love it! If you are in the fence about almond milk, try having half cream or milk and a splash of Califia Farms in your coffee — I promise it will not disappoint! Xoxo