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Fit Foodie Friday: Easy Instapot Pot Roast

Pot roast is a dish I ate growing up, as it was cheap, quick and easy, and provides great leftovers. I love this recipe because it shortens the time of cooking a 3-4 pound roast and the finished product is fabulous! The meat shreds beautifully, the carrots are tender and flavored by the meat, Au jus is ready made for you and it’s a pretty hearty, but also a healthy meal when served with mashed cauliflower or quinoa.

A few tips: make sure the carrots are on the bigger side and cut into large chunks, otherwise they will turn to mush. Also, make sure to season and sear the meat really well before moving forward with the pressure cooking portion. It makes a huge difference with the finished product! I omitted the fresh herbs and subbed dried, as well. Lastly, wait until a chuck roast is on sale to make this dish—I waited until there was a BOGO on the roasts and threw the other in the freezer to make this dish again.

For the meat leftovers, I made quesadillas one night, and burritos the next. You can also use leftovers in a French dip sandwich, shepherds pie or enchiladas! Xoxo