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Fit Foodie Friday: Holiday Leftover Sandwich

The holiday season is finally here! Part of the fun for me is finding new and fun ways to utilize those delish leftovers—some of my favs include turkey/veggie/rice soup, turkey/veggie pot pie, and turkey enchiladas. My all time FAVE is the leftover sandwich. It takes all the best parts of holiday meals and puts them in between two slices of bread. Here goes:

  • 2 slices of wheat bread or sandwich rolls
  • Leftover turkey meat or other meat
  • Cranberry sauce or other delicious sauce/sides you have on hand
  • Avocado mayo, salt and pepper

I like to toast my bread, but if I have leftover rolls I leave it untoasted. Spread a thin layer of mayo on both sides, add meat, a thin layer of stuffing and a thick layer of cranberries or sauce. Add salt and pepper to taste. There’s something magical about the how cranberry sauce cuts the savory bites of the meat and sides and adds a little kick to this sammy! I love mine with lots of fresh ground pepper. I love it so much! Yum!

Although the holidays feel and look different, may we count our many blessings and find gratitude in the gift of time we’ve been given to slow down and enjoy the magic of this season. So many hugs to you all!