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Fit Foodie Friday: Homemade Cold Brew Coffee

As moms, some of us survive on large amounts of caffeine that would take down a large animal, but sometimes coffee is a necessity after a long night up with the kiddos or a long day at work! As the spring turns to summer, one of my favorite afternoon treats is a cold brew coffee with a splash of milk. The cold brew process really makes the coffee taste smooth and light with zero hint of acidity.

This recipe was perfected by two fabulous mamas, Sarah Hall and Shruti Goins. I’m truly grateful for an easy, very inexpensive pick me up!

  • 1 c coarsely ground coffee beans
  • 4 c cold water


  • Add coffee grounds and water to a glass or plastic pitcher. Stir gently with a wooden spoon.
  • Leave pitcher on the counter or in the fridge overnight.
  • Separate the coffee grounds by pouring the entire pitcher slowly over a fine mesh strainer lined to the top with 6 overlapping coffee filters. I’ve played around with several methods and this is the one I’ve found that works best.
  • Compost the coffee grounds and filters.
  • Enjoy your cold brew over ice cubes and a splash of milk or cream.

This makes about 3 cups of brew that will keep in the fridge for about a week. Sometimes I double the recipe if it’s looking like a particularly busy week. Thanks mamas and SOLIDARITY, coffee and love to you all!

Cheers! Xo