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Mom of the Month: Gretchen Ward

We're honored to feature Gretchen Ward as our Mom of the Month for August. She started her FIT4MOM journey with Body Back, and is now in FIT4BABY as she awaits baby #2! Thanks for inspiring us, Gretchen!

Where are you originally from?

I’m a Washington native, born and raised in Everett and now live in Woodinville

When did you join FIT4MOM?

May 2017

What classes do you attend?

I started out with several sessions of Body Back but currently taking FIT4Baby as I’m 34ish weeks pregnant with baby girl #2. Excited to try Stroller Strides during maternity leave and then definitely back to Body Back!

Who is/are your workout buddy(ies) and their age(s)?

Evelyn – 2 years old

What is your favorite thing about FIT4MOM?

I’m constantly amazed by how many welcoming, positive and motivated women I get to meet through this program. I’m inspired by these women and have such fun sharing time with them. I always leave feeling better mentally and physically.

What is your current job? Or what did you do before staying at home (if you don’t currently work outside the home)?

I’ve been a marketing professional for 14 years in the Medical Device/Healthcare industry. I’m currently an Integrated Marketing Manager at Stryker in Redmond, WA

Share your thoughts on the concept of “it takes a village” – is it important for moms to join a village?

Yes! I think it’s so important for women to have a village, whether they are moms or not. Women need to surround themselves with positive, strong and supportive people. As a mom, this has become even more important to me, I’ve found comfort and confidence in this village.

What is your favorite beverage?

Coffee or wine! Just depends on the time of day ;)

What is your favorite dessert?

A chewy, slightly undercooked cookie

You are given 4 hours of FREE babysitting. What would you do?

Right about now…sleep! Outside of a solid nap I’d love to go wine tasting with girlfriends.

What is your ultimate child-free vacation destination?

International travel! I’d love to visit more countries in Europe, Spain is definitely next on my list.

How has becoming a mother changed you?

I’ve learned I have limits and need to ask for help and just admit I can’t do it all on my own sometimes. Okay, I’m still working on admitting this but it’s true nonetheless!

I am happiest when...

I wake up on a Saturday morning with my daughter and husband, without an agenda for at least a few hours. There’s always something we need to do or somewhere we need to be eventually, but just those early morning hours (with a giant cup of coffee) while we play or watch a movie…and I’m still without make-up and in sweats!