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Mom of the Month: Macaire Walder

Meet our Mom of the Month, Macaire! She joined our village this past September when she began attending FIT4BABY classes. Macaire and her hubby are eagerly awaiting the birth of their first baby (a girl!) in March. We can't wait to meet her!

Where are you originally from?

I am from a small town outside of Peoria, Illinois

When did you join FIT4MOM?

I joined the FIT4BABY class mid-September when I was beginning my second trimester.

What classes do you attend?

I attend the FIT4BABY class in Redmond on Mondays and Saturdays.

Who is/are your workout buddy(ies) and their age(s)?

I enjoy getting to know all of the ladies I have met in my classes and sharing this journey with them.

What is your favorite thing about FIT4MOM?

I love the community, support and encouragement I have received from my instructors and fellow moms.

What is your current job? Or what did you do before staying at home (if you don’t currently work outside the home)?

I am a 4th grade teacher at a school in West Seattle.

Share your thoughts on the concept of “it takes a village” – is it important for moms to join a village?

I think it is so very important for moms and women in general to support each other. We are all trying to do the best we can and we put enough pressure on ourselves that it would be nice for others to support and encourage instead of criticize. We may each have our own opinions on how things should be done and that’s ok, but we also need to respect the choices others make as well and recognize that they are doing what they believe is best for their children.

What is your favorite beverage?

Earl Grey tea.

What is your favorite dessert?

Anything with chocolate and caramel.

You are given 4 hours of FREE babysitting. What would you do?

I would rent a hotel room, take a bubble bath, eat room service and sleep.

What is your ultimate child-free vacation destination? I love traveling, so somewhere in Europe or maybe Australia.

How has becoming a mother changed you?

I feel so very blessed to get to experience this miracle. I am eagerly anticipating the birth of my daughter and I am looking forward to sharing so many experiences with her.

I am happiest when...

I am spending time with my husband.