She's Crafty - Color Mixing Sensory Bag.png

She's Crafty: Color Mixing Sensory Bag

A quick and easy prep (60 sec) for oodles of fun!


  • Zip-top storage bags
  • Shaving cream (ours from Dollar Tree)
  • Food Dye or Washable paint
  • Package or Painter’s Tape


Roll down zip-top storage bag and squeeze food dye or paint into corners, slowly fill up bag with shaving cream, layering in more dye/paint if you want. Lay flat and lightly press air out and seal zip-top bag. Secure seal with tape and tape to table if desired. Have kiddo mix, swirl colors together. Kiddos can explore which primary colors make green, orange, purple, etc. Older kiddos can draw shapes/pictures on bag.