Christy Helmbrecht

Certifications: Stroller Strides and Fit4Baby

Little Nuggets: Asher born in June 2007, Amelia born in April 2015 and Julian born in November 2016.

Thoughts about FIT4MOM: I love everything there is to love about FIT4MOM. It has been an incredible blessing in my life and the lives of my kiddos for the past 10 years! It is a community that empowers women/moms through love, support and compassion on those tough mothering days. You come for the workout but leave with so much more!

What else are you passionate about: First and foremost, I am passionate about being a mama… building a home filled with creativity and love for my kiddos to grow up in. I am also passionate about photography! I’ve had a small side business doing family photography for the past 8 years. It is a great creative outlet and provides some “me” time. My poor littles may be the most photographed children in all the world.

One piece of advice for new moms regarding our FIT4MOM programs: Just show up! Know that we have moms at EVERY level of fitness, know that each one of YOU has a place here.

Future Goal: Having two babies in the last two years has taken a toll on my fitness level (and really my ability to do anything… ever). I’d love to keep working towards rebuilding my strength, successfully run Ragnar this summer, AND get outdoors with my family for a bit more hiking and camping.

Thursday – March 28, 2019