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Mom of the Month: Angie Carrico

Meet supermama Angie, our mom of the month for May! Not only is she studying to be a doula to help other mothers, she's also nannying and caring for her own two kiddos. Thanks for joining our Village for Body Well, Angie!

Where are you originally from?

Born and raised in the Seattle area

When did you join FIT4MOM?


What classes do you attend?

In-person body well.

Who is/are your workout buddy(ies) and their age(s)?

Tyler, 15 and Rose, 4

What is your favorite thing about FIT4MOM?

The support and community!

What is your current job? Or what did you do before staying at home (if you don’t currently work outside the home)?

I am currently a nanny and studying to become a doula .

Share your thoughts on the concept of “it takes a village” – is it important for moms to join a village?

I think it’s so important to have support in motherhood and in creating space for ourselves.

What is your favorite beverage?

Sparkling water and wine

What is your favorite dessert?

Anything chocolate

You are given 4 hours of FREE babysitting. What would you do?

Go for a hike and then have a beer !

What is your ultimate child-free vacation destination?

El Camino de Santiago

How has becoming a mother changed you?

It’s changed Everything!!! In an amazing way

I am happiest when...

I am outside with family and friends